Friday, 27 January 2012

the experimental pop band

the experimental pop band

Hi. If you want to hear some new songs go to the link below. They a rough mixes of songs due out on our next album 'Vertigo'

Saturday, 14 January 2012

experimental pop band put out new record, shock!

Not written anything on here for ages, reason being that I have been really busy writing and recording a new experimental pop band album and life in general seems pretty hectic. With a new album comes all the things one has to do to let people know that one still exists and that they should check the band out etc. I have avoided having a facebook account very successfuly for the past few years, but everyone and I mean everyone tells me I need one. So a few weeks I set one up and it seems to me that it really is the way everyone talks to each other and in some respects makes bogs a bit redundant . I also find it perplexing as to how many sites bands and individuals have to update checkout , have a presence on. Apart from facebook, theres myspace then theres other things like spotify, soundcloud, ping, not forgetting ones own site, the list is endless, too much too much! but this is social network world I am told I have to occupy if I want people to know I have music out. I really need to employ someone to do this!

Anyway enough of my moans, why am I typing this?  mmm yes  an experimental pop band release, its a rare thing! In 17 years of our existence no regular tours or releases. However this year we have a download single called 'Little Things' which is available on itunes and such like from 12 February. You can probably see a video of the song on Youtube if you wish. The album 'Vertigo' will be released in April via Cargo distribution. You can get pre release copies in February from the wearitwell records website
Hey I might still do some blogs about my early musical years with the brilliant corners as I quite enjoyed writing them, so maybe blogs aint totally redundant!