Thursday, 24 February 2011


Its been a while, santa has come and gone and the political landscape of europe seems to be changing everyday. So music! Where was I last time? Yes my solo album came out. I sent it to lots of magazines and no one gave it any coverage. Some of the webzines were more alert and there were a handful of very good reviews. Did anything get played on the radio? I dont know! Maybe I should have put out a promo single, maybe I just will. The copies the label have sold have been to people in Greenland, USA, Germany and France but only a few in England and none in my hometown of Bristol. This is a scandle!

I played some more dates on my own in Bristol because James stopped drumming live as it made him too sick and ill with nerves. Which is a shame as I now have to re-think all those songs I was rehearsing with him. Actually it was too difficult to re-think everything so I wrote an experimental pop band album instead. The band have been recording it and thus far I am really excited by the recordings. A description? well some are upbeat summer pop and others are tinkling winter piano. The Lyrics are very 1640 with a sprinkling of nutmeg and sliced chorizo.

So on the artistic creative side I would say its a 9 out of 10. But will anyone ever hear it? So the next few months will be spent finishing it, looking at ways of getting it out there, maybe the band will play in Bristol somewhere around late April /May. Maybe we will play further afield, maybe I will get a publicist and you will be reading this because you read an excellent review in Mojo or the NME . Maybe I will get a plugger and you will have heared the songs on the radio, maybe I will move to Greenland. Maybe I will get my old job back deputising for crash test dummies, (the real thing not that horrible group)
I am already thinking about sleeves, design, what should it all look like? I am thinking of putting a detailed list of where and when it was recorded, what instruments and microphones were used, which take was used. Now I find all that stuff interesting, I hate minimal sleeves with no information or lyrics, I even like reading the thank you lists that bands write down, but maybe all the recording stuff is a bit over the top? maybe? Im in a maybe mood today so maybe I should just shut up. But before I do I hear the monochrome Set are playing in a pub near me( The Thunderbolt) you would be crazy to miss it.

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