Wednesday, 30 January 2013

An interview with Davey Woodward from The Experimental Pop Band

It’s sometime in the early hours of the morning. I hear thunder and the machine gun splatter of rain on double glazing.  I am asleep but I am dreaming too. I dream very lucidly. Often when I am awake I talk to people about stuff we did or said and they tell me we did no such thing! That’s when I know I  have had a lucid dream and thought it was real. I know I am dreaming this because the guy interviewing me looks like me, well he is me!  Except he has a smug sureness about him and  looks cold and aloof. Put it this way I do not warm to him in any way whatsoever
Q )So your album ‘Vertigo ‘ came out last year. It was not in anyone’s end of year top ten.
A) No I don’t think many people knew it was released.
Q)How frustrating is this?  
A) Very , extremely frustrating. I spend an age putting an album full of songs together and no one notices!
Q)Which is more disappointing, that you spent an age or that no one knew the  record was out? 
A) The time thing is not so important but I would have thought the album would have got some attention. Actually the single ‘ Little Things’ had a lot of positive stuff on the web but something went amiss with the album.
Q)Well it did get reviewed in Q magazine , they compared the band to Stereolab meets the Go Betweens?
A)Oh that review, I don’t mind that comparison, you can’t escape comparisons but generally the review said little about the record and focussed on my past.
Q) The Brilliant Corners?
A) Yeah, I just thought it was lazy Journalism, you know the experimental pop band have been around a long time. The jist of it was I should give up and go away kind of thing.
Q) The experimental pop band gets criticised for being around a long time. What do you say to that?
A) No one criticises writers and painters for being around a long time. Hey Miro put yer brush down and fuck off , you paint too much!
Q) So you are comparing the EPB to Miro?
A) No , no , not at all.
Q) Which artist would you compare the EPB too?
A)Er I don’t know, that’s hard, that would require a lot of thought.
Q) Well are you, Pop art, Surrealists, Dadaist, what genre?
A) Er I really don’t know. We spent a lot of time genre hoping with our first releases. These days it’s more conventional pop songs really.
Q) Conventional. So the EPB are like those shit watercolours of country scenes by local artists that you can never escape from when you are on a family holiday in Cornwall.  It fucking rains, and rains and rains so you have to look around those cramped fucking local art galleries stuffed with shitty local artists shit! There’s always bloody pottery and glass that the  kids knock over and you end up having to pay the whispering lady a fortune for. That’s how they make their money no one buys the shit art but you have to pay for the breakages don’t you!
A) What?

To be continued

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  1. ok davey, you've been rather thorough in this interview.
    ...would you mind granting our wish to know the story of EPB too now?

    chhers, all the best!